How to change surname or middle name in Indian Passport online offline

Changing surname or middle name in Passport is easy. However you should follow procedure to change surname in Passport. On other hand you can also change middle name or second name in Passport. It is so because authorities allow you to change your name. Additionally you can know how to get diplomatic passport. But you should follow rules to apply for official Passport.

Process to change surname or second name or middle name in Indian Passport

Apart from above things. This article will guide you with steps to know how to change name in Passport. However you should go to official website only. It is so because from official website you get new Passport. Or you can even get corrected passport.

In addition you must follow below steps. As these steps help you to understand complete process. Now you can keep reading. As you know whole process also.

How to change surname or second or middle name in Passport

If you wish to change surname or second or middle name in Passport. Then you should follow proper procedure. Firstly you collect required documents. Second in some documents attestation is necessary. Therefore you should get attestation on all documents.

Third you fill correct name change Passport application form. Because whatever you write in Passport application form. The same details will come in original Passport. So it is better that you check passport details twice before submitting form.

Besides reissuing Indian passport is also easy. However you follow again official procedure to reissue your Passport online offline process. Further there is separate process that you follow when you reissue your Passport.

Even documents for Passport reissuing are different. Thus you always follow official process only. On other hand you can take help from steps listed on this page.

Steps to change second name or surname in Indian Passport online offline

  • You can either go to Passport Seva Kendra to get change of name application form
  • Or you may download application form online
  • However you remember to download form from official Passport website only
  • And to go to official passport website
  • You can click on following link
  • While official passport site link is –
  • After that you fill Form Number II
  • This form is from Miscellaneous Services
  • You must see that you fill this form correctly and completely

Documents required to change second name / middle name / surname in Passport


  • First you must submit your original passport
  • You will also submit copy of first two and last two pages of Passport
  • And you should remember to self attest these two copies
  • On other hand rest of documents will be different
  • As it depends on category of applicant

Case 1: change of name after remarriage

In case of remarriage and when you wish to change name. Then you should give photocopy of Death Certificate. Or you may give Divorce Decree as well. In addition you submit one proof of your second marriage.

Case 2: Woman wants to change name after marriage

Apart from above case. There can be one more case. And it is when woman wishes to change name due to marriage. If this is case then you follow different steps –

  • You should submit photo copy of passport of husband (if it is there)
  • In addition you give Marriage Certificate photo copy
  • However attestation of Marriage Certificate or other supporting documents is compulsory
  • Here other supporting documents are joint photo
  • Further you give affidavit according to Annexure D


In case you do not have above documents then you submit other documents. And these are sworn affidavit. Or you may give Deed Poll. However Deed Poll must be according to Annexure E. Moreover you give original advertisement in at least two daily newspapers.

This advertisement will be about change of name. There is another important thing. And it is that authorities accept newspaper advertisement. But there is one condition. Advertisement in newspaper should not be more than 30 days old.

Final process to change second name or surname or middle name in Passport

  • When all documents are ready you fill required passport application form
  • Plus you submit application form and documents
  • You can either give documents online
  • Or you give these papers in Passport Seva Kendra on appointment date
  • But you should wait for some days
  • As it takes some days to get changed name Passport

Plus having idea of filling Indian passport application form will be advantage. Because you can easily fill the application form. In addition you have idea of process to change second name in application form.

You also learnt how to change surname in Indian Passport. Thus it is easy to change middle name in Passport as well.