How to track applied Passport and check status online or offline

Now tracking Passport status check is easy. So you can check Passport application status online or offline. Moreover it is simple to check passport status by passport number. Or you can see check Passport police verification status. In this article you know how to track Passport dispatch in India.

How to track Passport delivery in India

Now you can track Passport status online offline. However for this you must follow rules. As this is for tracking speed post passport status. Thus you can track my passport status. But you must first apply for passport online offline procedure.

Because only after that other things are possible. Further it is easy to check passport status by application number. Even track Tatkal Passport status is simple. On other hand you should remember some things. Firstly you complete Passport application procedure.

Things to know on check Indian passport status SMS

After you submit Indian passport application form. You will wait for some time. In this time authorities check all details in application form. So in this time you do tracking status Passport. Therefore you check Passport police verification status. You can now read. To know complete process.

Steps to check Indian Passport status online procedure

Most importantly you should go to official website. Because only at official website. You will get correct information. And here you can only check steps. As this website gives guidelines to track your Passport. Now you read to know about it.

How to track Passport status online

After you go to passport tracking status check page. You must follow some more rules. So these rules are like below –

Track passport status in India

  • When you go to track passport status check page
  • You can see first field
  • It is ‘Select Application Type’
  • Thus here you should select any one application type
  • Additionally these application types are –
  • Passport / PCC / IC / GEP
  • RTI
  • Diplomatic / Official Application and
  • Surrender Certificate
  • When you selected any one application type
  • Then you enter file number
  • After that you must enter date of birth
  • Or you can select date of birth from calendar
  • However you should always remember some points here
  • It is that ‘Application Type, File Number and Date of Birth’
  • These three fields are compulsory
  • Therefore you cannot leave them blank
  • Moreover after you enter information
  • You can click on ‘Track Status’ tab

Points to remember

First thing is file number. This file number has 15 alphanumeric characters. Additionally you find file number on ‘Acknowledgement Letter’. On other hand you must take this letter. Because you get a letter after application process is over.
Besides you get this letter at PSK or Passport Seva Kendra. And it is at exit counter. Furthermore you get this at DPC, CSC or SPC also. But it is when you follow offline procedure. So after you fill all details.

You can go to passport status tracker page. Here you can check file number. Even you find other details. And these are first, last name and application submission date. Finally you find Passport current status also.

Hence you have idea of passport status. Plus it tells you as to how much time it takes to get your Passport. In addition there are other ways. And using them you can track your Passport. You keep reading to know about it.

Process to check passport status through SMS

Apart from above things. You can also track your passport status via SMS. But for this you must follow rules. To help you here. We gave rules below. You can check them here.

Track Passport status through SMS service

  • First you must select Premium SMS service
  • Because only then you can get sms status updates on passport
  • In addition you pay Rs. 30 for these services
  • However you must give this amount during passport enrollment
  • Plus you can select this service where you submitted your application form
  • On other hand you get 9 updates about status track
  • Finally you follow message rule
  • It is before you send Passport check status SMS

SMS format for checking Passport status

You must send SMS in following format. Additionally you should focus on this format only. You will send SMS like – “STATUS XYZ0123456789012”. Moreover you send this sms to “970 410 0100”.

Hence it is easy to track your passport application status. Apart from this there are other methods also. Because these methods help you know status of Passport. In addition it is also very easy for Passport renewal application process.

Track passport status check through National Call Centre

You can use third method. This is for passport tracking. While this is by Passport National Call Centre. Through this system. It becomes simple to track application form status. And to use this method.

You can either speak to customer representative. If you take this method. Then you tell file number and date of birth. As only then you know current status of passport application form. However there is another method also. And for this you enter file number. While all this through IVR system.

Finally this system is of tracking Indian passport offline. In addition it is simple to use also. And this Passport National Call Centre number is “1800 258 1800”. So you can use this number and find out current status of Passport.

Know Passport current status check through mPassport Seva app

The Government of India launched an app. And this is mPassport Seva app. Moreover using this app you have information on passport status. In addition mPassport Seva app runs on Android, IOS. Plus it runs on Windows and BlackBerry also.

Thus it is not a trouble to use this application. Further in this application also you require two things. While these are date of birth and file number. Hence with this you track passport delivery status also. Besides it becomes easy to track passport application status.

Use helpdesk for checking Tatkal passport or passport status check

There is a help desk at PSK. Besides PSK full form is Passport Seva Kendra. So you can approach help desk. As you can clear your doubts about Indian passport here. Finally you get to check Passport status by application number here only.

Or you can also use check passport status by name and date of birth option. Last, you use check passport status after police verification option. Hence it is simple to use any one method. But you must always follow steps. Because this makes your work easy.

Points to remember on Passport status updates

When you try to check your passport status. You find different status updates. And these updates will tell you about current status of your passport. Below you find these status updates. Moreover you will find meaning of these updates as well. Therefore you can keep reading to know about it.

Indian passport application form status meaning

Case 1: Application submitted

Application submitted means that you submitted application correctly. In addition you paid fee for passport application form.

Case 2: Application is under review / Application is under review with reason

In this case there is different meaning. Because it says that application is under process. Or authorities are checking details of applicants. In addition authorities require other documents. Thus if you get this message. Then it is better that you go to PSK, Passport Seva Kendra. Because only then you can continue with process.

Case 3: Police Verification Initiated / Police Verification Pending

On other hand this message tells you about Police Verification check. So Passport Office requested Police Verification check. As only then Police will verify all documents of Passport applicant.

Police Verification Pending message has another meaning. It means that police officer has to verify details of applicants.

Case 4: Police verification report submitted / Police Verification under review / Police Verification is not clear

When you get message like Police Verification report submitted. Then it means that police verification is complete. In addition police should now submit this report to Passport office. But there can be some reason. Because police did not submit this report.

And if this is the situation. Then there will be two options here. First one is that report is under review. Therefore more information is necessary. Whereas there is another reason. And this is that passport applicant did not clear police verification. It can be because there is something that police found.

In case you find such a message. Then you can go to police station. So that you can clear all doubts. And this helps you to check progress of Passport application form.

Case 5: Passport application status granted / Passport printed / Passport dispatched / Passport returned undelivered

When your Passport application form clears all rounds. Then you get status as Passport granted. Moreover after this the authorities print your passport. In addition they dispatch your Passport. While RPO is responsible for this. And here RPO in Passport means ‘Regional Passport Office’.

RPO sends passport through speed post. Thus you can track passport status via Speed post also. It is also easy to track speed post passport status at India Post website. Or you can go to Post Office near your home. However when you do not get your Passport. Then you can go to Regional Passport Office.

Whereas if there is no one to take your Passport. Then in such cases passport will have one identification. And this identification is ‘marked undelivered’. Therefore you must see that some one is there to collect your Passport.

So you now know how to track Passport status online offline in India. In addition you can apply for Tatkal Passport online offline also.