How to get Diplomatic Official Passport with Required Documents and Fee

Getting diplomatic Passport India is very simple. However for this you must follow rules. And these rules are for diplomatic passport requirements. Moreover here you know diplomatic Passport India eligibility. Thus it is easy to apply diplomatic Indian Passport. Finally you keep reading. Because you know criteria for diplomatic Passport in India.

Place to apply diplomatic Passport

You apply for diplomatic Passport. Thus you can apply at Consular, Passport and Visa Division or CPV. This office is in New Delhi. However you can even apply for diplomatic Passport at Passport office. Besides this office is near your residence.

Criteria for diplomatic official Passport in India

There are many diplomatic Passport India benefits. However for this you must know some rules. You can keep reading. To know more about it.

Who gets diplomatic passport in India

Following officers get Indian diplomatic Passport. However it is only when you are on official business.

  • Indian Foreign Services (Branch A) officers
  • Selected officers from Ministry of External Affairs or MEA
  • Or selected officers from Indian Foreign Services (Branch B) and other Ministries
  • If Central Government grants diplomatic status to individuals
  • Family members of diplomatic passport holders may get diplomatic Passport
  • However it is only when they go for study or similar reasons
  • But family members must return Passport. It is when officials posted to headquarters

Hence above people only get diplomatic Passport. Thus you know diplomatic Passport eligibility. Additionally you must know where to apply for Passport.

Steps to apply for official or diplomatic Passport India

  • First you submit Form P-1 and Form P-1(A)
  • PMO or Political clearance
  • 2 photographs having white background
  • Further you must submit these photos on 1st and 2nd pages of Passport application form
  • Plus Head of Office should attest photos
  • Additionally you submit ID copy of applicant or Head of Office
  • Safe Custody Certificate
  • But it is only when Passport is in safe custody of applicant department
  • You should also submit original Passport Cancellation Certificate
  • But it is only when diplomatic or official Passport cancelled
  • And cancellation is under Section PV-II
  • Finally you submit existing original official or diplomatic Passport

Re-issuing official diplomatic Passport

You can download diplomatic official Passport application form online. Moreover you submit form at CPV Division. CPV is in Delhi. Apart from that. You submit below documents also. So you give Passport application form and below documents.

  • Existing official or diplomatic Passport
  • Existing ordinary Passport or Safe Custody Certificate of Passport
  • Certificate copy that Head Office issues
  • And you give copy of official ID card
  • Additionally you give Forwarding Officer request
  • Besides you give PMO or Political Clearance Certificate if necessary

Application process for fresh ordinary Passport (P) when in service

When in service. You can also apply for ordinary Passport. However for this you give some documents. In addition below you find list of documents. As these documents help you to get fresh ordinary P Passport.

Address proof: Document Number 1

  • Passport copy of spouse
  • You give 1st and last page and family details
  • But this is when current address of applicant and address in spouse Passport is same
  • However for minors you can give Passport copy of parents
  • Current address proof. Additionally you may submit any one of below documents –
  • Income Tax Assessment Order
  • Gas connection bill
  • Water bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Voter ID card or Election Commission ID card
  • You may give statement of active bank account. But it is only for scheduled commercial banks. And not regional rural banks or local area banks
  • Finally you give Employer Certificate of Companies. Besides this certificate must be on letter head