List of Indian Passport application forms in PDF format

Passport application form India online registration is compulsory. Because with new Passport application form. You can apply for Passport. Moreover you must know documents required passport application form India. As this helps you in many ways. In addition you can check passport application form India Tatkal form. Finally it is possible to download Passport application form India PDF.

How to get Indian Passport application form

You can get Indian Passport application form. Furthermore there is Passport application form for minors in India. Even there is passport application form for child in India. But it is better if you know infant Passport application form India rules. On other hand. Below you can check download Passport application form India process.

Procedure to get Passport application form India PDF

Online Indian passport application form

You can check online Passport India application form download. Additionally this is in PDF format. Moreover to download PDF version. You must go to official website. Following link will take you to official website.

Therefore you click on As this takes you to official website.

Things to know

First you go to official website. And there you fill application form. Besides you can download this form also. So that you fill it offline. Or else you can continue online filling process.

Offline application form of Passport

Here you either download student passport application form. Or you can download other forms also. On other hand. You can take form. Later you must submit this form at Passport Seva Kendra. Apart from this. You can submit this form at Passport Office, Citizen Service Centre. Or District Passport Cell.

Submit Passport application form India

You can submit your form online or offline. However this depends on application form you fill. Besides you must pay Indian Passport application form fee. As only then you apply for Passport.

Online Passport application form India

When you go to official Passport site. You can check one tab. And this tab is ‘Forms and Affidavits’. In addition you can click on this link. As only after that. You will get different forms and affidavits.

List of forms and affidavits

Download e-Form

Here you can download forms. However you must remember some points here. Firstly if you use eForm. Then you can download eForm soft copy. After that you fill it online. Finally you should upload this form on website.
You must also remember one more thing. It is that Passport authorities will not accept eForm printed copy. While under download eForm. You have following options –

 Download eForm

  • Fresh or re-issue of Passport
  • Police Clearance Certificate or PCC
  • Identity Certificate e-Form (this applies to Tibetan Refugees and Stateless People only)
  • Surrender Certificate e-Form

Annexures / Affidavits

This helps you a lot. As in this list you know what is necessary and what is not necessary. Therefore it helps you. Moreover below you can check list. Because this tells you. About different annexures and affidavits.

List of Affidavits and Annexures

Annexure “A”

Identity Certificate according to Annexure “A”. You can click on following link. Because you will go to official site –

Annexure “B”

Verification Certificate according to specimen (this is as per Annexure “B”). In addition below link takes you to PDF form of Annexure B. And official link is –

Annexure “C”

Declaration of Parent or Guardian for Minor Passports only (Moreover it is when one parent did not give consent) (Finally it is according to Annexure “C”).To download Annexure ‘C’. You must click on Because from here you can download the annexure.

Annexure “D”

Declaration of Parent or Guardian for only Minor Passports (this is as per Annexure “D”). Besides it is also easy to download Annexure ‘D’. All you must do is click on below link. In this way you go to official website. And here link is –

Annexure “E”

Standard Affidavit according to Annexure “E”. Downloading Annexure E is also very simple. However it is best. If you download this form from official website. Therefore to go to official website. This link is

Annexure “F”

Specimen Affidavit for a Passport. But it is in lieu of damaged or a lost passport (In addition this is according to Annexure “F”). In addition as you know. Annexure ‘F’ is very important. Therefore you can download this form.

While to download this form. You must go to official website only. Additionally link to official website is

Annexure “G”

No Objection Certificate or NOC (this is as per Annexure “G”). NOC or No Objection Certificate is important. Moreover NOC is important for Passport for government employees Passport application form. Therefore now you can download it from official website. And official site link is

Annexure “H”

Prior Intimation Letter (on other hand this is according to Annexure “H”). Further Annexure H is important. Because it will be easy for State and Government employees. As they can download this annexure form.

Thus it is easy to attach it to passport application form online offline. While link to official website is

Annexure “I”

Declaration that confirms details of applicant (minor applicant) that is there in Indian Passport application form. In addition it is according to Annexure “I”. This annexure is useful in minor Passport application form.

Moreover here link to ‘I’ annexure is here. Therefore you can click on following link. As it takes you to official website –

Authority Letter

Finally there is Authority Letter. In addition you can get Authority Letter by going to official website. Moreover link to official website is –


When you click on any one of above link. Then you go to another web page. However this web page is PDF form. Therefore it is simple to download this PDF Annexure and Affidavit form online. Moreover it is in PDF format only.

Print Application Form

Apart from above things. You can download Passport application form. Furthermore it is simple to print application form also. However you must remember some important points here.

Points to remember

You must print form on A4 size paper. It should be standard A4 size paper. Second you print form back to back. Third only people with Diplomatic Status will get Diplomatic passport. Fourth people that Government of India deputes for official duty abroad get Official Passport.

Finally you should have Acrobat Reader 9 or above that. Because only latest versions help you. Besides it becomes easy to read and print Forms. On other hand you can check below forms. As these are forms. That you can download and print. However you must see one more point. And it is that you download forms from official website only.

Download print Passport application form online

  • Download main Indian passport application form. This is for fresh or re-issue of Indian Passport
  • Download supplementary passport application form. Again this is for fresh or re-issue of Passport
  • You can also download Instructions Booklet. Moreover it is for main, supplementary Indian Passport application form
  • In addition you may download another form. And this form is for Police Clearance Certificate or PCC
  • You can download Identity Certificate form. However it applies to Stateless People and Tibetan Refugees only
  • Further it is easy to download form for LoC Permit
  • Finally you may download Surrender Certificate Form

Undertaking as per GSR 570 (E)

You submit Undertaking GSR 570 (E) also. And to download this form. You click on –

Additionally you can click any one link. And after you click on links. You go to another web page. From there you download required form. Therefore it is simple way to download PDF forms. Finally you check Passport application form status online offline. However it is only after you submit application form.