How to apply for Passport online with Application Form

Applying for online Passport form India online registration is simple. But for this you must know some rules. In addition in this article you know about these rules. Therefore you can keep reading. However you must apply for Indian Passport only at official website. While this is guide to online passport application form login.

In addition it is simple to check online passport application service. And for this idea of Passport application form India documents is necessary. Therefore, now you keep reading to know more. As below you get idea of Passport application online.

How to apply for Passport online application form

First step to apply Indian Passport online: Log in to official website of Passport India

  • First you go to official website
  • And to go there you click on –
  • Apart from this at official website
  • You click on ‘New User? Register Now’ tab
  • Further you must remember to register at official site
  • Before you go forward with rest of process


If you already registered at passport official site. Then you do not register again.

User registration process at Indian Passport site

  • First you select where to apply for passport
  • Second you choose passport office
  • Third here you select city name
  • Next you enter name
  • However you never add titles like Dr. or Col. Etc
  • But in ‘Given name’ field
  • You can add first and middle name
  • In addition adding surname is optional
  • After this you select date of birth
  • Plus you should enter your email ID
  • Moreover you may select your Passport registration and email ID as same
  • You should also enter login ID
  • Also you enter password
  • And you must confirm password
  • Later you add hint question and answer
  • After you finish this process you enter captcha code
  • Finally when you are okay with above details
  • Then you click on ‘register’ tab


Hint question helps you in future. Because if you forget your Passport login password. Then hint question helps you with hint answer.

Second step: You select passport application type


  • After you log in
  • You go to applicant home page
  • At this page you select one application type
  • And these application types of passport are –
  • Fresh passport or Passport reissue
  • Diplomatic passport or Official passport
  • Identity certificate
  • Police clearance certificate (PCC)
  • Additionally you can click on one type
  • Because after this you go to next step

In addition this page saves your application. So even after you submit your application form. You can come back and check your form here.

Third step: to apply online Passport application India

  • After above step you go to next step
  • Moreover this page is for ‘Passport Type’ page
  • At this page you select Passport type – fresh or reissue / normal or Tatkal
  • Besides you select number of pages
  • And this is either 36 or 60 pages
  • In next step you select validity of Passport
  • Moreover this can be for 10 years
  • Or till applicant is 18 years old
  • Further you click on ‘Next’ tab
  • This takes you to another page
  • On this page you add other necessary details for Passport
  • And these are below –
  • Passport type
  • Applicant details
  • Family details
  • Present address
  • Present address 1
  • Present address 2
  • Emergency contact details
  • References
  • Previous Passport
  • Other details
  • Self-declaration
  • After you fill all details
  • You can read this page before you submit this form
  • Finally you must sign online passport application form

Fourth step for application form fees in India: pay and book appointment

  • In this step you make payments
  • Moreover you book appointment for Passport
  • You must visit PSK or Passport Seva Kendra to apply Passport
  • For this you go to ‘applicant home page’
  • To go there you click on
  • After that you select ‘applicant home’
  • Next you pick ‘view saved or submitted applications’
  • In addition there is table form of application form
  • This has ARN, Applicant Name, File Number, Appointment Date and Submission Number
  • But you should select ARN
  • After that you click on ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’ tab
  • Second you ‘choose mode of payment’
  • Here you find two modes of Passport fee payment
  • One is online payment
  • Moreover you use internet banking facility (State Bank of India or SBI)
  • Or you select Debit / Credit card (SBI or other banks)
  • Whereas second is challan payment
  • It means that you pay in cash
  • Additionally you pay Passport fee in cash at PSK or SBI bank branch

Points to remember

Apart from above things. You make online payments compulsorily. But it is only for Passport booking appointment at Passport Seva Kendra or PSK. However for Tatkal passport application form. You pay normal fee online. And you pay remaining Tatkal fee for Passport at PSK only. Finally you pay money at PSK in cash.

Step four continues: book Passport appointment

  • After paying online passport fee India
  • You check booking appointment

In case for paying fee through challan or cash. Then you wait for some time. Because you go to SBI branch and take challan. In addition bank takes two days to verify details. Besides you can also track your Passport fee payment status. Or wait for email from authorities.

How to schedule appointment for passport application form India online

  • And after successful payment of Passport fee
  • You can ‘schedule appointment’
  • Besides you click on –
  • Because here you check appointment dates at PSK
  • However for actual appointment date
  • You should log in at passport page
  • Because after that only you ‘schedule appointment’
  • This page has availability dates at PSK
  • Additionally it is under RPO or Regional Passport Office
  • This page also has Application Reference Number or ARN
  • In addition from this page you select PSK
  • Next you enter captcha code
  • Further you click on ‘next’ tab
  • Because after that you select your Passport appointment time
  • Finally you see ‘Pay and book appointment’ option
  • All details of your appointment are there on screen
  • Moreover when you see that all details are correct
  • Then you pay fee
  • When Indian passport fee payment is successful
  • Then there is message of ‘Appointment confirmation’
  • Moreover you get ‘appointment number’
  • Finally you click on ‘Print Application Receipt’

Final note:

You must take this Passport Appointment Receipt. This is when you go to PSK. And when you take print out. You click on ‘close’ button.

Thus you know how to apply passport application online India. In addition you can track passport application form status online. It is also simple to do it.