Procedure to Renewal Passport Application with Documents and Fee

Passport renewal India online offline process is simple. Moreover you renew your passport only some times. You renew your Indian Passport when passport expired. Therefore you should follow passport renewal India after expiry process. Know how to apply for Indian Passport in Tatkal online offline.
In addition this article helps you with passport expired renewal online India process. However you must understand some points. First is that you apply Passport renewal application only at official site. As this article is only guide to apply Passport online India renewal procedure. Thus you understand complete process here.

Documents required for Indian passport renewal online offline

You must submit some documents here. Because only then you will get your Passport renewed. Below you can find this list of documents required for online offline renewal of Indian passport.

Online offline renewal of Indian Passport documents list

  • Original old Indian Passport
  • Self -attested copy of ECR or Non-ECR page and first two and last two pages of passport
  • Self-attested copy of page of observation and validity extension page
  • Proof of documents that remove cause of issuance of a Short Validity Passport or SVP

Passport renewal India procedure online registration process


  • First you register at official website
  • But if already a user
  • Then you click ‘Existing User? Login’ tab
  • To go there you click on
  • However if you are not registered
  • Then from there you click on ‘New User? Register Now’ tab
  • After this you select Passport office
  • In addition to register you enter personal details
  • Second you create login ID and password
  • Third you have hint question and answer
  • Finally you click ‘register’
  • Furthermore you receive email
  • Here you click on link in email
  • Because this activates your account
  • Finally you go back to Passport official site
  • Moreover at website you click on ‘Apply for Fresh Passport or re-issue of Passport’ tab

So you know about Indian passport renewal online registration in India. However now you must go for online application for Passport renewal India. Additionally this helps in passport renewal India login. You can also know how to get duplicate passport online offline process.

How to fill Passport renewal form online in India

There are two methods. And here you know how to fill Passport renewal form online in India. First is you download Passport renewal PDF form. In addition to download renewal form. You can click on You must then fill form. Second you can fill form online only. But for this you log in to Indian Passport website.

Steps to fill passport renewal application form online offline

Furthermore you fill complete details in form. You should also add current address. Besides updating latest details is necessary. And you must give two local references. Moreover you provide name, address and phone number of references. It is so because for police verification. It becomes simple.


If you are filling this renewal application form online. Then after you enter required details. And after attaching necessary documents you click on ‘Submit’.

However when you choose PDF passport application form. Then after you fill form. You will submit it at passport office or PSK. Whereas you know PSK full form is Passport Seva Kendra.

Payment for Passport renewal application

Most importantly you do not pay any fee. Moreover this is only for Passport renewal application. But it is important that you schedule appointment. You can now keep reading to know more.

How to book slot for renewing Indian Passport online offline process

First you go to official website. Here after logging in. You can ‘Schedule Appointment’. And when you are comfortable with the time of appointment. You can finally schedule it. Thus you know about passport appointment booking.

Visit passport office

Apart from that. After you schedule  appointment. You go to Passport office or PSK. In addition it is better that you go there 15 minutes before appointment time. In this way you are not afraid. Moreover you can also check or track your Passport renewal status through SMS.
Thus you know about passport renewal India after expiry process. Moreover you are clear of Passport renewal India online document required. Even passport renewal status check is easy now. In addition it is easy for passport renewal India online Tatkal process.

Finally you should see that you follow these guidelines. Because only then complete process is clear. Additionally you go to official website only. As only there you get your Passport renewed easily.