How to change address in Indian Passport online

Here you know how to change address in Passport. Moreover you have idea of documents required to change address in passport. However for this you should know more things. First is procedure to change the address in Passport. Second is change of address in passport fees. You now read. Because you read guide to change address in Passport form.

Can we change the address in passport application?

It is simple for change of address in passport form. In addition it is simple for change address in passport after marriage. But you can also check another option. And this is passport renewal process online offline. As it is easy process. While there is another process also. Finally you keep reading. To know more about it.

Documents required for address change in Passport India

Before you know process to change address in Indian passport. You should know necessary documents. As you attach these documents. Moreover it is with Passport address change application form. Thus below you find complete list of documents.

Important documents for change of address in Passport list

  • Original old Indian Passport
  • You submit copy of online application and payment receipt
  • Or you may submit challan receipt
  • In addition you submit self-attested copy of first two and last two pages of Passport
  • Besides you submit self-attested copy of ECR or Non-ECR page
  • Finally you give self-attested copy of page of observation and validity extension page

Address change proof of Passport list

Below you find change of address in passport address documents. However you submit only one document from list. Therefore you should submit this document. As this is important for proving address change.

List of documents for change of address


  • Election Commission Photo or Election ID card or Voter ID card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Electricity bill
  • Proof of gas connection
  • Water bill
  • Registered rent agreement
  • Telephone bill
  • Certificate from your employer (it can be of reputed companies on letter head)
  • Income Tax Assessment Order
  • First and the last page passport copy of parents (it is only for minors)
  • Passport copy of your spouse (it should be first and last page. Moreover there must be family details. Plus present address of applicant must match address in Passport of spouse)
  • Finally you may submit photo Passbook of current bank account (account can be in Scheduled Private Sector Indian Banks or Regional Rural Banks or Scheduled Public Sector Banks)


Documents for address change are different for different categories. Therefore you can keep reading. Because you know other category documents. However above documents are common for all categories.

List of documents for Government or Statutory Body or PSU employees

Government or Statutory Body or PSU employees must submit above documents. Further you should give NOC. Apart from this NOC is according to annexure ‘M’. Here NOC full form is No Objection Certificate. Or you may submit PI or Prior Intimation Letter. This is according to Annexure ‘N’.

Documents list for minors in address change

Even for minor applicants. You must submit above documents (documents in list). Additionally you should submit declaration. Moreover this declaration should clearly state some things. While these things are confirmation of data provided. Finally declaration must be according to Annexure ‘H’.

List of documents required for Retired Government Officials

Finally there is retired government officials category. In this category above documents are same (documents of the list above). In addition you must submit ‘Pension Payment Order’. Because in this way authorities change address in passport. Additionally you can check out one more important thing. And it is how to get duplicate Passport online offline process.

Steps for change of address in Passport India online procedure

  • First you go to official website
  • Because here you must register
  • And this official website is
  • At official site you click ‘Existing User? Log in’
  • After that you enter User ID and password
  • But if you did not register
  • Then you click on ‘New User? Register Now’
  • Select passport office
  • Enter personal details
  • Further you must create log in ID and password
  • As then only you register
  • In addition you receive email
  • There is link in email
  • Besides you click on link
  • So that you activate your account
  • When above steps are over
  • Then you click on ‘Apply for Fresh Passport or re-issue of passport’

Procedure to get change of address in passport application form

First you can fill re-issue passport form online. Or you can also select one more option. And this is offline change of address passport application form. Therefore to get PDF application form of address change. You click on –

However you must enter all details in form. Because this will come on passport. Thus you be careful before you submit this form. And when you think all details are correct. Then you submit form of Passport address change.

Passport fee for change of address in Passport

Finally you must know passport fee. Because you will pay passport fee for change of address in passport. Moreover this is important part of address change process. Below you can find fee for different categories.

Passport change of address fee for Indian Passport –

Validity of passport Age of the applicant Normal passport charge Tatkal charges
All Less than 15 years Rs. 1, 000/- Rs. 3, 000/-
5 years or till age of applicant is 18 years 15 to 18 years Rs. 1, 000/- Rs. 3, 000
10 years (for 36 pages) Rs. 1,  500/- Rs. 3, 500/-
10 years (for 60 pages) Rs. 2, 000/- Rs. 4, 000/-
10 years and 36 pages 18 years and above 18 years Rs. 1, 500/- Rs. 3, 500/-
10 years for 60 pages Rs. 2, 000/- Rs. 4, 000/-

Book appointment slot at Passport office

Apart from above things. You must select passport office. This Passport office can be near your residence also. As you will go and apply in person for your change of address Passport application. Moreover when you reach passport office. You will get group number. When authorities call your group number.

Then verification process starts. In some cases there is police verification. Finally when all formalities are over. Then you get your changed address in Passport. So in this way you finish all formalities. Finally you get SMS also.
This message tells you about police verification. And when every formality is over. Then you can expect your Passport. Even you can track your Passport status check online. In this way it is easy to know passport status.