How to change name in Passport after marriage in India online

Know how to change name in Passport after marriage in India online. As it is simple process to change name in passport after marriage. However for this you should follow rules. Because this is for procedure to change name on passport after marriage in India. In addition you know documents required for name change in passport due to marriage here.

Is it necessary to change name in Passport after marriage?

You may think if it is compulsory to change name in passport after marriage. It is not necessary for you to change their name after marriage in India. However if you wish. Then you can change name after marriage. But you should know name change process of Passport also.

How to change name in Indian passport due to marriage

In case you wish to change name in your Passport. Then it is better that you apply for re-issue of Passport. It is so because all things will be easy. On other hand you should follow other steps as well.

Process to change name in Indian passport after marriage

  • First you get Form Number II
  • This form is for Miscellaneous Services
  • Moreover you can get this form from Passport Seva Kendra
  • Or you can take it online from official passport website
  • this is official website link
  • You can click on above link to go to official Passport website
  • On this website you find one name change application form
  • You fill name change application form carefully
  • In addition you should see that you fill all details in form
  • After you fill form you attach name change required documents also

List of documents required for change of name in passport after marriage

  • Firstly you give your current Passport
  • Further you give one copy of spouse passport (if it is there)
  • Marriage card copy
  • Or you can give photocopy of Marriage Certificate
  • Finally you may give joint photo
  • But it is according to Annexure D
  • Additionally you submit all documents online
  • Or you even give them at Passport Seva Kendra
  • Besides you pay name change fee also

Finally you can take your Passport. However you must wait for some time. As it takes time to change name on Indian passport because of marriage. On other hand you can apply for Tatkal Passport. In this way you get your Passport very soon.

Points to remember

Case 1: When your spouse is of different country

You must submit some more documents. Below you find this list of documents. Therefore you can keep these documents ready. As it helps you when you apply for name change in Passport post marriage.

  • Marriage Certificate that Indian Mission issues
  • Or it can be Marriage Certificate that Indian Post issues

Case 2: When Government of Foreign country issues Marriage Certificate

  • Even Government of Foreign country can issue Certificate of Marriage
  • However some authority should only attest Marriage Certificate (when issued in foreign land)
  • Below you find list of authorized people who can attest your Marriage Certificate –
  • If that country has Consulate or Foreign Embassy or High Commission in India or
  • Indian Post or Indian Mission is in the place where you got Marriage Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate that Indian authorities issue
  • And these authorities can be either Registrar of Marriage
  • Or it may be Marriage Officer

Note on process of change name on Passport in India after marriage

Thus you know about documents necessary for changing name on Passport. Moreover you can now apply for name change online or offline. But it is better that you know complete process. As this is for changing name post marriage.

In addition you should carefully change name in Passport. It is so because once you change your name in Passport. Then changing it again will be difficult. Hence when you fill application form of reissuing Passport. You fill correct details only.

On other hand you can also check process to add name in Passport. Finally you must know about this complete process. And what documents are important for name change in Indian Passport.

So it simple to change name in Passport after marriage online offline in India. You can also know fee details of Indian Passport. As it is useful when you fill Passport application form.