How to apply Indian Passport for new born baby in India

Applying for Indian Passport for new born in India is simple process. However you must follow Passport application process for new born baby in India. As this helps you to get Passport for new born in India. Moreover there are documents required to apply for Indian passport for new born. You keep reading to know how to make Passport for baby in India.

Process to make passport for infants in India

How soon can I apply for Passport for new born in India? This is one question that many people have. However you should know some things here. And it is that there is Passport application process for new born baby in India.

In addition you can apply for Tatkal Passport for new born baby in India. But you submit Passport for infants in India required documents. On other hand there is separate process for Tatkal passport for new born baby. In addition Passport for minor application process is different.

Therefore you can keep reading now. As you come to know different things of how to get new born Passport in India. Even you will know about how soon can I apply for Passport for new born in India.

How to make Passport for new born in India

  • Firstly parent or parents of new born child should make account in official website
  • Moreover this is very important step that you do
  • Or you can directly go to official site if you have account
  • Otherwise you click on following link
  • Because this link takes you to official site of Passport Seva Kendra
  • is official Passport website link
  • At this site you check for registration option
  • In addition you fill all fields
  • As all fields require necessary details
  • And once you finish entering details in fields
  • You click on submit

Further process to get new born baby Passport in India

  • Apart from above steps you follow some more steps
  • And it is that only for minors you do not require appointment
  • Moreover meaning of this sentence is that parents can go to Passport office directly
  • Or you may go to Passport Seva Kendra to apply for baby Passport
  • However you go to Passport office in working hours
  • And you require proper documents when applying passport for baby
  • In addition you can know passport fee details

Documents required for Passport for new born baby in India

You apply for Passport for infants in India with required documents. Therefore it is necessary for you to get correct documents. In this way you do not make mistakes later. Below you can check list of documents that you submit for baby Passport.

Documents for baby Passport application in India

  • Birth certificate of baby
  • Receipt of appointment
  • Proof of present address. You may submit this proof if parent has passport
  • Passport photo of baby. Photo should have white background
  • You must fill and submit Annexure H
  • You give Marriage certificate only when spouse name is not there on other parent Passport

Next process at passport office

After you go to passport office you continue baby Passport application process. As at passport office authorities check all documents.
So first you get one token number. Moreover you wait for your turn. When authorities call your token number then you give them all documents. Next Passport authorities verify all documents. They even check details on application form and documents submitted.

In addition there are some more checks before they clear all documents. So when verification process completes. You receive acknowledgement receipt. Moreover you must keep this receipt very carefully. As it is useful in future also.

Time to get passport for new born in India

Like we told you before you keep acknowledgement receipt carefully. As it is very important document. Furthermore it helps you when you apply for passport for new born child. Next question that you have is how long does it take to get passport for new born in India

Generally it does not take long time to get Passport for new born in India. It is so because authorities made Passport application process simple and easy. Therefore you get new born Indian Passport soon only.

Besides authorities send new born passport to applicant in 4 to 7 working days. Additionally applicants get infant passport to home. As authorities send infant Passport to address that you gave in application form.

Thus it is easy to apply for new born baby passport in India. In addition you got to know complete process how to make passport for new born baby in India. Finally you know how to add second name or change surname in Passport. You can change name in Passport online or offline.