Steps Apply Minor Passport with Application, Documents and Fee

Minor Passport application form in India is easy. Because here you know children’s Passport online application form process. Besides it is simple. For online Passport application form for minor in India. But you follow minor Passport India application rules. As this gets you minor Passport.

Who gets child Passport in India

Passport authorities issue minor passport. However when there are applicants below 18 years of age. Then they get child Passport in India. Additionally minors get 36 page Passport (booklet). You can also know about documents required for Indian Passport.

Who are eligible to apply for minor Passport?

Passport authorities made some rules. Moreover these rules are for child Passport. Besides only parent or legal guardian can apply for child Passport. Lastly parent or legal guardian must give consent.

As only after that they apply child passport in India. Furthermore you submit correct documents for this. So that minor Passport application process is easy.

Validity of minor Passport

Child passport is valid for five years. Or till applicant turns 18 years old. On other hand. If child is between 15 and 18 years. Then they apply for 10 year passport. Finally you can get 10 year validity Passport. But it is after police verification completes.

List of documents required for minor Passport

  • Annexure H for child passport with parents consent
  • Annexure C for single parent of child born before the marriage
  • Annexure H for child with one parent
  • Annexure H for legal guardian
  • Annexure C when parents do not live together. And when parent did not divorce
  • Annexure G if application is of one parent. Moreover it is when consent of parents cannot happen

How to apply for minor Passport online in India

Online Passport application form for minor in India is simple. Apart from this. Application process is same for Indian child Passport also. However you must go to Passport office. And this is when there is passport appointment day.

In addition to this applicant must go to Passport Seva Kendra. Because it is new rule that Indian Government made. You can also know about Tatkaal Passport. Know how to get Tatkal Passport documents fee for Tatkaal passport in India.

How to apply minor passport online in India process

  • First you register at official passport website
  • And to go there you click on following link
  • because it takes you to official website
  • At Passport Seva site you register minor
  • Next you create login ID
  • Plus you create password also
  • After you log in
  • You fill minor Passport application form
  • Moreover you enter all details in passport form of child
  • Later you click ‘Submit’ tab
  • At the end you make Passport fee payment

Minor Passport fee payment

It is compulsory that you pay fee. Moreover to pay passport fee of child Passport. You click saved or submitted applications. Next you click ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’ tab. You must also remember that you pay normal fee online.

But extra Tatkal payment. You make at Passport office. In addition you may use any one payment options.

Passport fee for child passport application

You pay Rs. 1, 000 as Passport fee. And this is normal charges. But for Tatkal minor Passport application form. You must pay Rs. 3, 000.

Passport fee payment option for minor Passport applications form

  • SBI Challan is free of cost. Further you deposit cash at SBI branch. It starts after 3 hours of generating challan. But last date is 85 days
  • Internet Banking is also free. However it applies only to SBI and Associate Banks
  • Debit cards MasterCard or VISA. Here you pay extra 1. 5% and Service Tax
  • Credit cards VISA or a MasterCard. Apart from this you pay 1. 5% and Service Tax

Thus it is easy to apply for minor Passport application online offline in India. In addition after you apply for Passport. You can know one more thing. And it is how to track Passport application status in India online offline.