Steps to make online appointment for India Passport


Making online appointment for Indian Passport in India is simple process. However you must follow correct process to know how to make appointment for Passport renewal in India. Or it can be new Passport online appointment steps. In addition you can keep reading this article. It is so because this article is guide for taking appointment at Passport office in India.

How to make appointment for Indian Passport

If you wish to apply for Indian Passport then you must follow rules and regulations. As it helps in getting passport appointment easily. Therefore you go to official passport website. While to go there you click on following link. As it takes you to official passport link.

And Passport office link is Here after you finish entering details in passport application form. You can book appointment.

Steps to get online appointment for Indian passport

First you go to official website. And from there you go to passport appointment. Furthermore you can check passport appointment availability status also. However for this you click again on following link. and this link is there on home page also.

Finally you go and select your Passport appointment time and day and date. You also must pay service fee online only.


In case you want to change appointment timing then you can do it. Additionally you can change reschedule or cancel your passport appointment. However this option applies only two times in one year. Therefore you be very careful when you use these options of rescheduling or cancelling appointments.

How to make payment of service fee

As you know you pay service fee for Passport appointments. Moreover there are two ways using which you can make payments for Passport appointments. Below you find these two methods of service fee payment.

Make payments for service fee

  • First is a bank challan that is payable at any State Bank of India branch
  • While this branch is only in India
  • Whereas second method is e-payment
  • And this e-payment is through internet banking or debit card or credit card

How to make payments for service fee using bank challans

Below you check complete process of how to make payments using bank challans. Besides it is simple process to make payments through bank challans.

How to make payments through bank challans

  • First you go to 2. 1 Section of internet banking
  • Second you follow steps
  • Third you redirect to View Saved or Submitted Application page
  • Here you can click on Schedule Appointment
  • But it is only when you paid service fee
  • In case you did not pay Passport fee then go to Pay and Schedule Appointment
  • This link is on View Saved or Submitted Application page
  • To make Passport fee payment there are many options
  • One of them is Online Payment
  • While other one is Challan Payment
  • But if you made passport payment before only then you directly go to Schedule Appointment

Steps to pay through challan

  • Here you first select Challan Payment option
  • Next you click on one more link
  • And this link is Next
  • As it helps you to go to Make Payment page
  • Furthermore you click on Generate Challan option
  • Moreover this option is on make payment page only


You take print out of challan. And then you deposit indicated amount. In addition you make payments at SBI branches. While these branches can be at any place in the country. Bank officials then mention fee payment information in system.
On other hand you get challan status information also through an email. Or if you want then you check payment status via track payment status page. You also get email on registered email ID. Moreover this email is about payment successful confirmation. Thus after that you can book appointment for Indian passport.

You book appointment only at official Passport website. And for this you again go to official website. From there you select Schedule Appointment page. On this page you select appointment quota. Whereas this quota can be either Tatkal or normal.

Next you select Passport office. After this you pick book appointment option. In this way authorities confirm your passport appointment.

Passport fee payment through internet banking

There is also one more option. And this option is making payment through internet banking. Thus it is simple task to pay passport fee online. However for this you follow some more rules and regulations. Below you find this list of rules and regulations.

How to make online payment for Passport using internet banking

  • For this you first create user ID
  • Next you register at official passport portal
  • And this portal is
  • After you make user ID you can log in this Passport portal
  • Next you select one more link
  • And it is Apply for fresh Passport or reissue of Passport
  • This option is in services section
  • Here you go ahead and fill passport application form
  • You may even submit or upload e-form
  • When all fields are over then you go to schedule appointment field
  • However before that you pay passport fee
  • Furthermore to pay passport fee you can click on Pay and Schedule Appiontment
  • You see this option on View Saved or Submitted application page
  • Therefore after you complete all above formalities
  • You can click on schedule appointment option
  • In this way you make payments for Passport application form and Passport fee through internet banking

Finally it is simple task to make online appointment for Indian passport.