How to fill passport application form online offline with examples

Now you know how to fill Passport application form online offline. As this article is guide for you. It is so because there is article on passport application form fill up example. Thus it is easy for you to check how to fill passport application form India online. Also you know machine readable Passport application form fill up process.

Passport application form filled sample

On other hand you must go to official website only to fill application form. Because it helps you to fill Passport application form for minor also. You can now continue reading. So that you know about passport renewal form fill out online process.

Another point that you must know is also there. Here this article will help you to fill application form. But you should go to official Passport website only. As only then you can apply for Passport. And before you go there.

You can check below steps and process. As this will help you when filling application form. In addition you can know some more things. And one of them is how to apply for minor Passport application form online in India.

How to fill Passport application form offline process

  • You must write in capital letters
  • One letter must be in one box
  • Leave a box after every word
  • In addition you use ball point pen (with thin nib) in black or blue
  • Never use an ink pen
  • Hence passport application form filled in blue ink is also possible
  • Do not tick options
  • However you use an to mark necessary box
  • Fill only important and necessary details
  • While you leave other blocks blank and do not write N A also in other blocks
  • Finally you must never fold the form

Passport photographs

Photograph must be in white background with dark dress. But you must avoid uniforms. Dimensions of Passport photo is 4.5 cms x 3.5 cms. You must sign below the photo. Or you can place thumb impression.

Photo must have frontal view, head centred, eyes open, both ears and facial edges visible. Finally it should be latest photo only.

How to fill Passport application form online offline

There are around 10 columns that you must fill. So you check very carefully that you fill these columns. And what details you enter in these columns. It will come in application form. Below you can check column wise details.

Columns in Passport application form


  • Column 1 is for required Services
  • Whereas Column 2 asks for the details of Passport applicant
  • Column 3 indicates details of family of applicant
  • Column 4 is for details of present address
  • In addition Column 5 is for the details of only emergency contacts
  • On other hand Column 6 is for references. It means that people who know you
  • Plus there is Column 7. This column specifies details of old passports. Or it can be passports that you had earlier. However it is only when you apply for reissuing your passport
  • Column 8 is for other details. While it is only related to criminal cases
  • Moreover there is Column 9. And it is details of passport application fees. However it is not applicable to some applications. While these are applications that you submit at PSK or Passport Seva Kendra
  • Finally there is Column 10. Besides it is for attaching any supporting documents

You can also renew your Passport. Because it is very easy to renew Passport. And for this another article will help you. While this article is Passport renewal India documents application form online offline process.

Steps to fill supplementary Passport application form

Apart from above columns. There are some more columns. Moreover these columns are also important. Thus you can keep reading to know what matter you should enter in these columns. It is so because it helps you when you fill application form.

List of columns in supplementary passport application form

  • First there is Column 1. It is for aliases that are related to Column 2.2 of the Main Passport Application Form
  • Second is Column 2. And it is for the past names. Again these relate to one of the Columns in Passport Main application form
  • Third is Column 3. While this is for Past addresses related to Column of Main Form of Passport application
  • Fourth is Column 4. It is Permanent address related to one of the Columns of the Main application form of the Passport
  • Fifth there is Column 5 which is for address of temporary visits. Furthermore this is also related to important Column in the Passport application form
  • Next is Column 6. However this applies only to the Diplomatic or the Official passports. Besides this relates to Column of Main Form as well
  • There is another column. And it is Column 7. Here there is other information that depends on a Column of Main Form of Passport application form
  • Finally there is self-declaration. Additionally this is Column 8 of the Indian Passport application form

Fill application form

Hence you must fill all details mentioned above. It is so because only then you get your fresh or new Indian Passport. Or even you can apply for renewal of passport online offline. In addition there is option to change address in Passport.

In addition to all of this. You should correctly fill Passport application form. So that you do not face any problems in future. Otherwise you will have to again apply for some corrections. And for this reapplication of Passport application is necessary.

Thus it is better that you avoid these things. And directly apply for Passport online offline. In addition there is option for checking your filled Passport form. Therefore you can check form and then only click on submit. Or give it to authorities.

Finally it is best if you know documents required for Indian Passport. As this is useful to apply for Passport. In addition you came to know about Passport application form fill online process.

Now this information will be useful to you in your future. As you finally understood how to fill Passport application form online offline.