How to convert PIO to OCI card in India with required documents

PIO to OCI conversion in India is simple process. However for this PIO to OCI conversion documents required. Therefore you keep reading about what is PIO card. You also know what is OCI card. And if PIO to OCI conversion mandatory or not.

What is PIO card in Passport?

PIO card is short form for Person of Indian Origin. Indian Government allowed PIO card before. It is so because it was identity card that Indians got. Plus it was when they had passport of another country. Now Central or State Government employee can get Passport.

And these countries are Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, China or Bangladesh. And recently Government of India made some changes in rules. Plus these rules apply to PIO or Person of Indian Origin also. Government launched this scheme in 2002.

What is OCI card in passport?

On other hand there is OCI card. Here OCI full form is Overseas Citizen of India. In addition Indian Government launched OCI in 2006.

What is difference between PIO and OCI cards?

There is little difference between PIO and OCI cards. As both cards are for schemes that give benefits to Indian citizens. While these benefits are for foreign citizens who have Indian origins. However in 2015 Government changed Citizenship Act.

And that is why both PIO and OCI merged or mixed. Therefore it is compulsory for you to get OCI cards. Furthermore people who have PIO cards will become OCI card holders. However they should apply separately for OCI card.

In case you applied and you did not receive OCI cards. Then it is better that you reapply for OCI cards. On other hand you should follow some rules. As there is complete list for new OCI cards eligibility criteria. You can now keep reading to know about this. Also know how to get duplicate Passport.

Eligibility criteria of new OCI card

  • In case of children at least one of their parent must be Indian citizen
  • While time that authorities take is from 26 January 1950
  • Spouse of PIO or OCI card holder or even Indian citizen can apply for OCI cards
  • However their marriage must be registered
  • And they live together for minimum two years
  • In addition even foreign nationals can apply for OCI cards
  • But they should be Indian citizens after independence or after implementation of constitution

Points to remember

Therefore if you are from any one category. Then it is easy for you to get OCI card. Even transferring from PIO to OCI card is simple process.
Whereas there are some exceptions. First Bangladesh and Pakistan citizens can never apply for OCI cards in India. Second if you are less than 21 years or more than 50 years of age. Then you do not have to apply for new OCI card.

Therefore if you follow above rules. Then only complete process will be easy. And you can without any trouble get new OCI card. However there are some more things that you must know. Now you keep reading to know about it.


OCI card holders do not have below rights

  • Stand in Presidential or Vice Presidential elections
  • Work with public enterprises
  • Become member of Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council
  • Become Judge in Supreme Court or High Court Judge
  • Or you become member in Central or State Government office
  • Finally you do not have right to vote during elections

Thus you do not have above sated rights. Still it is easy to convert PIO card to OCI in India. In addition you just follow PIO to OCI conversion rules in India. Understand process of tracking Indian Passport.