How to Apply Passport for Central State Government Employee with Documents and Fee

Here you know how to get passport for Government Employee. Because we gave procedure to apply passport for Government employee. Moreover it is now easy for Public Sector Unit or PSU to get passport. And Statutory Body Government Employees to get Passport. However you should know rules. As these are for No Objection Certificate format for Government employees Passport.

How to apply passport for Government Employee

Apart from above things. You should know NOC for Passport for State Govt. Employees also. Further idea of documents required for applying passport for government employee. You should also have Prior Intimation Letter for Passport India.

On other hand you keep reading. As you can clearly understand step by step process here. Thus it will be easy to get Tatkal passport for government employee also. Get to know more about how to get Tatkal Passport online offline.

However before you know process to apply government employee passport. You should also know documents required. Because documents required for Passport for government employee is different. In addition this list is useful.

As it has documents required for renewal of Passport for government employee. You can continue reading. To know more about it.

List of documents required for applying passport for government employee

Either Administrative Authority or Controlling Authority can issue following documents. Therefore these documents are very important. Moreover it is useful for PSUs or Statutory Body employees. And even Government servants can submit them.

Hence it becomes easy to get Passport. Additionally you know NOC format for passport for government employee.

  • No Objection Certificate
  • Copy of Prior Intimation Letter (that you submit to Administrative Authority or Controlling Authority) and
  • Identity Certificate

Now you will know passport fee. And this is Indian Passport fee for government employee Passport application.

Fee for Indian passport application form for government employees

Below you can check passport application fee. Further below you find fee for different passports. And this is applicable to normal and Tatkal passport application form. For the government employees.

Normal Passport application fee for government employees

  • For 36 pages Passport, fee is Rs. 1, 500
  • However for 60 pages Passport. You must pay Rs. 2, 000

Passport application form fee for government employees in Tatkal mode

  • 3, 500 is fee for 36 pages Passport
  • While it is Rs. 4, 000 application fee. And it is for 60 pages Passport for government employee

How to pay State or Central government employee passport fee

You must first fill application form correctly. Additionally you should see that all details are there. After that you click ‘submit application form’ tab. Later you click ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’ tab. Because this helps you to book appointment at Passport Seva Kendra.

Moreover you can choose any one option. As it allows you to pay Passport application fee. Therefore you select SBI Payment Portal. Or you may select other options as well.

State, Central Government employee Passport application Passport fee

  • SBI challan. You must deposit passport application fee at SBI branch. However it is only after generating challan. While minimum time is 3 hours after generating challan. So from 3 hours to 85 days of generating challan. You can pay the fee
  • Internet banking using SBI and the Associate Banks


There is no extra charge in Passport fee. However it is only when you use above options. But there are extra charges. And it is when you use below options –

  • Credit cards (MasterCard or VISA). For this authorities charge 1.5% + Service Tax
  • Debit cards (MasterCard or VISA). While for this also there are charges. And it is 1.5% + Service Tax

Things to know

If you are applying for Tatkal passport application form. Then you make online fee payment. However it is fee for normal passport charges. While extra Tatkal fee is there. And this you pay at Passport office.

Procedure to apply Passport for government employee

  • First you should submit Prior Intimation Letter for Passport
  • Moreover you give it to Administration or Controlling authority
  • It is so because they will know that you apply for passport
  • But when authority has some issue
  • Then administration or authority contacts RPO
  • And RPO is Regional Passport Office
  • You should understand one more thing
  • It is that Passport application process is same
  • Therefore there is no change in Indian Passport application process for government and regular applicants

How to apply passport for State and Central government employees

  • Furthermore you must first register at Passport Seva Kendra website
  • You can go to official passport site
  • Moreover to go there you must click on –
  • After registering at passport website
  • You can fill Indian passport application form
  • And finally click on ‘submit’ tab
  • After submission of Passport
  • You must pay Passport fee
  • Moreover you should book Passport appointment slot
  • Finally on day of Passport booking
  • You take documents required for passport also
  • In addition authorities check all details
  • After checking they issue receipt
  • Finally there will be Passport verification check
  • And after successful passport verification check
  • You will get your Passport

No Objection Certificate for Central and State Government employees passport

Controlling authority issues NOC. Moreover here NOC means No Objection Certificate. On other hand administrative authority can give NOC also. However NOC must have Annexure M format. In addition NOC helps government employees get Passport easily.

Apart from that. Even PSU employees get Passport. Finally police verification is necessary. But if is when you submit NOC. After that you get your Passport.

Identity Certificate

You should follow Annexure B format of Identity Certificate. Administrative or controlling authority issues IC. Because of IC there is no police verification.

Prior Intimation Letter for government Passport

Prior Intimation Letter is letter to administration. Additionally this letter tells authority about employee Passport application form. Moreover Prior Intimation Letter format is according to Annexure N.

Finally Passport authorities send this letter to employer. So if there is any problem. Then administration contacts Passport Seva Kendra.

Police verification for State or Central government employees for Passport application

Police verification is necessary for Prior Intimation Letter. Even it is compulsory for NOC Annexure M format. In addition it is compulsory for retired government employees. And finally it is important for reissue of Passport.

However police verification is not important in some cases. It is when you submit Identity Certificate. And if your family submits Identity Certificate. While it is according to Annexure B of dependant. In addition there is Standard Affidavit according to Annexute I.

Thus you know how to apply for government employee Passport. In addition documents required for State Central Government employee are clear. Further you must know how to check Passport status tracking online offline.