How to get Passport Reference File Number online

Getting Passport Reference File Number is easy. But you should know how to find Passport Reference File Number. As there is process on how to recover Passport File Reference Number online. In addition you do not worry if Passport File Reference Number lost. It is so because this article helps you to know Passport File Reference Number.

What is meaning of Passport File Reference Number or Passport Reference File Number?

Passport Reference File Number short form is PRFN. Moreover you get this number when you apply for Passport. You also have to know how to get Passport Reference File Number. Plus this is useful to check Passport status.

Thus tracking Passport status of Passport application form is simple process. But for that you know what is File Reference Number. Every Passport applicant gets one number. And this is Passport Reference File Number. Finally you use this number to check your Passport status online.

How to get Passport Reference File Number

It is simple process to get Passport Reference File Number. However you mdust always follow rules to get Passport File Reference Number. On other hand you pay Passport fee when submitting Passport application form online or offline.

Besides when you submit application form you get this reference number. It is also necessary for you to keep this number very carefully. As this passport file reference number format allows you to attend Passport appointment.

In addition you should not lose Passport file reference number. You can keep reading to know what is use of Passport File Reference Number.

How to find the file reference number of Passport application

It is easy process to find the file reference number of passport application. But you follow recover process of passport file reference number. Furthermore this number is combination of alphanumeric code.
While alphanumeric means that it is mix of numbers and alphabets. Additionally there is year of application as well. Plus there is format of this PRFN. Finally you check passport reference file number on Passport application form.

Passport File Reference Number format

You can check below format of Passport Reference File Number. First number starts from letters. And these are letters of name of place where you applied for Passport. You also find year of application at end of reference number.

Totally there are 12 digits in this Passport Reference File Number. And there are 6 digits between alphabet code and number. Thus it is simple to check your PRFN.

Use of Passport Reference File Number

There are many uses of Passport File Reference Number. You receive notifications from this code. These notifications are about documents or any other problems in application form. Thus you use this number to check status of passport application form. In addition all processes will be easy to use as well.