Apply for minor Passport without adding spouse name in Passport


Applying for child Passport without spouse name is possible. However you should know a few steps. As it is about minor Passport without spouse name endorsed. Moreover spouse name endorsed meaning is parents name in child Passport. Another question is spouse name mandatory in Passport for minor?

Adding spouse name in Passport is mandatory or not

It is not mandatory for spouse name to be on Passport. It means that spouse name endorsed is not necessary. Because there is a rule for this. So you do not have to add spouse name in Passport. But you submit documents required for minor Passport.

Further documents required for adding spouse name in passport are also there. Plus you must go to official website only. As there only you apply for minor Passport. Moreover authorities issue minor Passport without father or mothers name. You can also change your name after marriage if necessary.

Also you keep reading so that you have idea of minor Passport application process. Further you get correct documents as well.

List of documents required for child passport without spouse name endorsed

  • Birth certificate
  • Aadhaar card
  • Declaration according to Annexure H. Parent or parents must sign this declaration
  • Study certificate
  • Ration card is optional

Process to apply for minor passport without adding spouse name online

  • First you go to official website of passport department
  • Next from online page you register online
  • To go to official website of Passport
  • You click on
  • After registration completes you fill online application form
  • In addition you remember to fill Passport application form for minor Passport

Pay minor passport application fee

You must pay required Passport fee online. And next as parent you take application print out also. Further you book appointment slot at passport office as well. Finally you do not forget to take application form to office. You can also know fee details for Indian passport.

Process to apply minor passport without spouse name endorsed

On day of appointment you go to Passport Office or Passport Seva Kendra. At passport office you take token. First you go to Counter A. On this counter authorities scan all documents. They take signature of the child.

Next you go to Counter B. As here authorities verify all documents. Further you go to Counter C for second verification of documents. In addition next you go to exit counter. Plus here you show token number that you get at Counter C. Finally you get acknowledgement letter.

In this way you can apply for minor Passport without adding spouse name in Passport. In case you miss your Passport. Then it is better that you apply for duplicate Passport. Moreover it is very easy to get  duplicate Passport online offline.

However you must remember to follow rules. In addition when you apply for child Passport without spouse name endorsed. You should have all required documents. Thus Government of India allows you to get minor passport without spouse name also.

So that it will not be problem for you. However genuine reasons are there to get child passport without spouse name. Finally you go to official website only. And this article is only guide to get Passport.