Indian Passport fee details 2017

Indian Passport fee details is important thing. Because you will know about fee structure of Indian Passport. In addition there is different fee for different types of passport. In this article you will know about this. However you must apply for Passport online or offline only at official site. As here you get guidelines only.
In addition you have idea of Indian Passport fees for child. Even there is different Indian Passport renewal tatkal fees. So you should know about Indian fresh Passport fee. To know about this. You can keep reading.

Besides you have idea of how to pay Passport fee. As it helps you to know details of Indian passport fee.

Fee for Passport application forms

Indian Passport service Application Fee Extra Tatkal Fee
Fresh Passport or re-issue of Passport

This also has additional booklet as visa pages are over (60 pages)

It has 10 years validity

Rs. 2,000 Rs. 2, 000
Fresh Passport or the re-issue of Passport

It has extra booklet as visa pages are over (36 pages)

It also has 10 years validity

Rs.1, 500* Rs.2, 000*
Fresh Passport or re-issue Passport for Minors

That is below 18 years of Age

It is valid for 5 years

Or till minor is 18 years old (whichever is before)

Finally this passport has 36 pages

Rs.1, 000 Rs.2, 000
Police Clearance Certificate or PCC Rs. 500 Not applicable
Replacement of Passport

It has 60 pages

Passport replaced only if lost, stolen or damaged

Rs.3, 500 Rs.2, 000
Replacement of Passport

There are 36 pages here

Passport replaced only if lost, stolen or damaged

Rs.3, 000 Rs.2, 000
It is for replacement of Passport

There are again 60 pages here

It can be for deletion of ECR or any change in personal particulars

Finally validity of this passport is 10 years

Rs.2, 000 Rs.2, 000
This fee is for replacement of Passport

In addition there are 36 pages here

This is for deleting ECR

Or it can be to change personal details of Minors

While applicant age is below 18 years

This Passport has 5 years validity

Further it can also be till minor is 18 years old

But authorities check which is before

Rs.1, 000 Rs.2, 000
This is fee for replacement of Passport

This passport has 36 pages

Moreover it is only for deleting ECR

Whereas you also can change personal details

Finally this passport has 10 year validity

Rs.1, 500 Rs.2, 000



(*) It means that is applies to minors also. Further age group is 15 to 18 years. However it is only for some people. These are people who wish to get 10 year valid Passport.

Therefore you got to know fee structure of Indian passport. Now you can see fee payment method. As this will help you to pay fee to passport authorities.

How to pay Passport fee online offline method

Paying Passport fee is simple. Besides there are three ways to help you here. So you can pay passport fee easily. Below you can check different modes of passport fee payment. If your Passport expired. Then you can apply for Indian passport renewal method also.

Online payment of passport fee: First method

  • You can pay passport fee online also
  • And for this you can use either debit or credit card
  • In addition internet banking option is available
  • While internet banking is through State Bank of India
  • Or you can select Associate Banks
  • On other hand Passport fee online payment is compulsory
  • But it is only for appointment bookings at PSK
  • While here PSK means Passport Seva Kendra
  • Furthermore for fee online payment even in Tatkal passport
  • You pay normal fee
  • Whereas extra Tatkal charges you pay in cash
  • Besides banks will charge 1.5% + Service Tax
  • But this applies only to debit and credit cards
  • You must also remember one more thing
  • It is that online fee payment validity is one year
  • Therefore in that one year you submit applications
  • If you do not submit applications in one year
  • Then you will again pay Indian Passport fee
  • Finally you make payment at Citizen Service Centres or CSCs also
  • However this is only in credit or debit card

Demand draft fee passport payment: Second method

  • You use DD or Demand draft also
  • But it is when you pay fee at District Passport Cells or DPCs
  • In addition you make DD out of PAO-MEA
  • Besides paying Passport fee at Speed Post Centres or SPCs is possible
  • However this is only through DD or in cash
  • Finally you will draw DD in favour of PAO-MEA
  • And it is payable at nearest RPO (Regional Passport Office)

Points to remember

On the DD you will write some important points. First is you write applicants name and date of birth behind DD. Finally you write application submission date also at back of DD.

Cash payment of Passport fee: Third method

  • This is third method which you can use
  • Because you can make payment in cash
  • However it is only at PSK or Passport Seva Kendras
  • You pay Tatkaal passport application fee in one time
  • Even at mini PSK you pay passport fee in cash

Therefore it becomes simple process to make payment for passport fee. However you should remember some points. And it is that you be careful about agents. As you must make passport fee payment only at official window.

Hence if you do not know where to pay. Then you can ask authorities at PSK. So that you will never be in problem in future. On other hand you can calculate fee. Because it is simple process. And for this you will go to official website.
In addition to go to official website. You can click on – Because this link takes you to Passport India website.

Passport SMS service fee

There is SMS service available. And for this you must pay Rs. 40. There are many advantages of this service. First is that you get to know your passport status. Therefore knowing Passport application form status through SMS is possible.

Thus you now know Indian passport fee details 2017. So before you apply for passport. You can check Indian passport fee structure. In this way you will know fee for passport renewal as well.